ESGC UK has got their new baby

See the new Perkoz at Essex and Suffolk G.C., the club well known from being a Junior Gliding Centre.

Go for gliding to Wormingford Airfield, Anglia's Premier Gliding Centre, to see, check and test yourself in the air.

The newly built SZD‑54-2 with serial number #24, has been purchased via our european distributor - Aviontech GmbH in Hannover.

To all club‑mates from ESGC we wish a lot of fun and only happy landings!

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Gliders go back to SZD!


For all our Customers, asking or waiting for spare parts for SZD‑48-3 "Jantar Std.3", SZD‑50-3 "Puchacz", SZD‑51-1 "Junior", for which Allstar PZL Glider remains the Type Certificate Holder, we would like to explain ourselves and inform you about possible delays with part's providing.

Also, the technical support may be reduced / delayed because of our designers engagement into new key' projects: FES for SZD‑55 and long wing tips for SZD‑59.

To meet expectations of contracting parties for increasing amount of new SZD‑54-2 "Perkozes", SZD‑59-1 "Acros 2" as well as SZD‑55-1 (also with front electric sustainer), to raise quality and speed‑up the production, we have decided about Company's rearrangement.

So now, the gliders go back to SZD!

These significant changes, connected with moving of whole composites manufacturing from former subcontractor to SZD "motherland", are now taking place. The production is to be set‑up at Bielsko‑Biała Aleksandrowice airfield - like previously, beginning from 1946.

Keep your fingers crossed for this remarkable change! The official results we will publish soon,                     at Aero‑Expo 2019, Friedrichshafen.

                                                                                             Your Allstar PZL Glider Team

Service Bulletion BE-001 for SZD-54-2 “Perkoz”

Please find enclosed the new service bulletin for Perkoz. Please note, because
of flight safety issue, Allstar PZL Glider recognizes its compliance as
Read carefuly the instructions and proceed with part’s ordering if necessary.
The bulletin is to be found here: SB

EASA AD 2018-0237-E for SZD-54-2 Perkoz

Following EASA' announcement, we are republishing the Emergency Airworthiness Directive 2018‑0237-E with regard to flight safety for SZD‑54-2 "Perkoz".

The AD may be copied directly from here:

Emergency Airworthiness Directive

or found onto EASA website, after typing "SZD"‑0237-E

Please also note the info about connected Service Letter SIL‑003/SZD/2018, published by us in October 5th 2018:

See new Perkoz at Cherence, France

The Perkoz’s family is growing! The youngest one, number 23rd, has just made her maiden flight at EPBA airfield and in a few next days will be shipped to France. 

Her home will be Cherence airfield, located 50 km N‑W from Paris, in the valley of Seine river – that flows northward touching the field, and than into the English Channel. 

Beautiful landscape, nature and breathtaking views onto white rocks on the river’s side - so well known from the famous impressionists paintings.

Wishing to our French Friends only happy landings, we really hope to visit Cherence again.

Fly safely!

Test flight_02

S/N 23 - youngest Perkoz baby for Association Aéronautique du Val D'oise during tests

Test flight_01

After successful tests in flight (PIC Mariusz Stajewski & Michal Ombach)


Valley of Seine river seen from demo Perkoz in 2017


Our demonstrator over Cherence airfield in 2017

Wave season is coming

The first days of stronger wind from the South have come. Can you imagine, the air masses are moving over the Europe even from Sahara desert?

Autumn has definitely begun, as there is no more place on the sky for cumulus clouds and connected thermal. Also, the yellow and orange leaves have started to fall down.

Yesterday, we were observing some rotor clouds rolling over Beskidy Mountains.

Flying high was possible…

As usually, our demo Perkoz is ready for take‑off, hopefully some tugs will be available.

The waves over Bielsko and surrounding areas may reach even 7.000 m above the airfield, so an oxygen is also on board.

SZD‑54-2 seems to be a dream for flying in rough air, because of its super strong airframe and high control’s effectivity. On high altitude, the fine flight characteristic (“flat” polar plot, glide ratio more than 40) allows to go easily upwind to look for undiscovered wave fields.

Aviation picnic at Bielsko-Biala airfield

As annually, we were participating in the aviation picnic at the Bielsko‑Biala airfield. This year, with special dedication because of one hundredth anniversary of polish aviation.

Thousands of people, spectacular show and… heavy thunderstorms, both Saturday and Sunday – this is the shortest description of weekend passed.

Yes, we also flew with our “long‑wings” Perkoz, may say - on the edge of coming storm.

One of visiting aircraft was no lucky and with too many rain drops on it is heavy wings hit into the bushes at the East fence of the field. Fortunately, no injured people at all, but this blue beauty may find it is place now only at Aviation Museum in Krakow.

The autumn is definitely coming, cross‑country season is gone, but no worries – waves will appear soon, so we hope to fly high.

Till the next!

Perkoz on aviation picnic at the Bielsko‑Biała

SZD‑54-2 Perkoz in flight:

Perkoz's display

RWD‑5 accident

Win your competition with new, modernized SZD-59-1 Acro 2!

This is a great pleasure to inform you about the next, new SZD‑59-1 “Acro 2”, just joining to the family of this extraordinary fully‑aerobatic sailplanes.

“Acro 2”, seriously modified and improved, is currently the only one continuously‑produced singleseater approved for unlimited manoeuvres.

Aeroclub Gelnhausen, located nearby Frankfurt, Germany, has just received it is new toy.

Have fun and fly safely!

SZD‑59-1 Acro 2

Upside down

New Perkoz has reached Aboyne, Scotland

We are proud to inform, as the next, brand new SZD‑54-2 “Perkoz” has just appeared in UK.

This time, faraway North, in Aboyne - Scotland, where Deeside Gliding Club is located. Spectacular place, well known for all glider pilots, not only because of hilly landscape and heather’s fields but mostly due to unusual wave conditions.

We had a pleasure to be there and fly with our demonstrator a year ago.

With the best wishes of safe flying, we really hope to hear from Scotish/UK gliding community only the positive news about challenging flying with their Perkoz.

And do not brake your wings soon!

SZD‑54-2 Perkoz for Deeside G.C.

G-CLVO over Bielsko during factory tests in flight

G‑CLVO over Bielsko during factory tests in flight

Demo Perkoz "13" on the wave over Aboyne, Scotland in 2017

Demo Perkoz "13" on the wave over Aboyne, Scotland in 2017

AD 2018-0081 for SZD-55-1

European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has just published the Airworthiness Directive for SZD‑55-1 sailplanes, all serial numbers.

AD 2018‑0081 can be downloaded from here:‑0081_1.pdf or is accessible via EASA website

Apperance of this AD is the result of unapproved, home‑made modification and - in connectivity - fatal accident with owner of the glider on‑board.

Please be aware of such activities and perform maintenance of your sailplanes in agree with regulations, best practices and common sense.

The AD is effective from April 25th, 2018.

Allstar PZL Glider, Type Certificate Holder for SZD‑55, is not going to issue any of connected service bulletin.

Home Away From Home

Please be informed, as the next SZD‑54-2 "Perkoz" has just found his new home at North Hill, Devon & Somerset Gliding Club in UK /

This exclusive version (3 types of wing tips!) will be flown in all aspects of training as well as advanced gliding (cross‑country, etc.).
We hope, it will allow to DSGC Club' members to develop their skills in "harder"  aerobatic as well.

The Perkoz in Devon is the third one in UK. You may admire also this spectacular beauty birds at Gransden Lodge, Cambride G.C. and at Saltby, Buckminster G.C.

The next one will come soon to Abone, Scotland, the place well known from its exceptional wave conditions.
But this is not the end, next Perkozes have been ordered to UK!

Several of Perkozes are flying worldwide.
In Europe: Poland (5), Germany (4), France (1), Romania (1), UK (3).
Out of the continent - in Canada (3), Colombia (2) and soon - in Japan.

We wish our friends from Devon & Somerset G.C. lot of fun and unforgettable impressions.
Fly safely!

(On the picture - our tour via UK in 2017, North Hill airfield from the air)

Season 2018, Tech Support & Spares

Please be informed, that because of high order`s traffic (beginning of flying season), longer delays with  shipping of spare parts as well as responding for technical inquiries may appear.

We apologize for all inconveniences.