SZD-55-1 "New Generation" - The Maiden Flight Done!

The great day for all of us working for "SZD"- Allstar PZL Glider! December 20th 2019 and today's achievement is like a perfect Christmas gift.

After big efforts we have been taking since 1,5 year...

The first serial‑manufactured SZD‑55-1 "new generation" Nexus (Promyk) has been flown today! Stormy weather with several of rotors circling above the EBPA airfield, did not interfere to us at all. The glider, exceptionally well made, with highest care and quality, is safe, flies super nice and light. Very soon, the modernized version of "55" will be available for our Customers.

This is the next important milestone since we decided to go for our own manufacturing. At the same place where 20‑30-40‑50 years ago the biggest manufacturing gliding factory in the world was located. Only to notice, that the previous sailplane was made here... 20 years ago, shortly before the former SZD went to the bankruptcy.

The goal we have achieved today would not be possible with special, unbelievable engagement of all our people we have on board - designers, plant planners, ground engineers...

My special thanks and best regards I would like to circulate to Senior Designer, Project Manager and co‑Author of "55", Mr. Stanisław Oskwarek.

Stasiu, bez Twojej pasji, serca i wsparcia, nigdy byśmy tego nie osiągnęli!

However, would be necessary to mention many of other family names, the SZD‑People without whom, the nowadays position of Allstar could not be possible.

Anyway, we are back, we go forward with our new motivated staff, our new, nice facilities and freshly gained resources.

To all our Friends, Customers and Sympathizers we wish Merry, Merry Christmas and so many white cumulus clouds during the coming year - as you are even able to imagine.

Fly safely!

Michał Ombach





           Stanisław Oskwarek and his new "55"


High wave over the eastern Europe

The autumn this year is more than windy.

Stable high pressure systems located over Ukraine with corresponding massive cyclones coming from GB and North Sea cause, that the air is waving.

Our two Perkozes, owned by national Aeroclub of Romania, fly very intensively there. Go to read the last information published onto OLC about two long cross‑country flights, more than 1.000 km! On a high wave over Carpathians. Congratulations to our colleagues! Some of details are available here:‑3.0/gliding/flightinfo.html?dsId=7639766‑3.0/gliding/flightinfo.html?dsId=7639761

November always seems to be the most challenging month from whole the year, as far as strong wave conditions are concerned.

Bielsko‑Biała (EPBA), where our manufacturing plant is located, lies at the foot of Beskidy Mountains. Altocumulus‑lenticularis clouds are to be seen almost...daily, when the wind blows from the SE, S and W.

However, to get an access to the laminar flow, the glider pilots need to get through exceptionally severe turbulence, marked (or not!) by rows of rotor clouds. As the runway is short and may be soft, sometimes a take‑off is even impossible. So than we are watching the sky from the ground....

Some of the impressions from last November waves over Bielsko and Tatra Mountains below.



Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

End of the season with BB Aero at Biala Podlaska

  An annual, nice event took place at Biala Podlaska (EPBP), Poland - former military airfield, one of the biggest in this part of Europe. Now released to BB Aero - polish private gliding school‑

Great people, great sailplanes and warm "indian summer" allowed for intensive and interesting flights on winch, on tow and even auto‑tow!

Several people took opportunities to watch the surrounding area from the air, some of them experienced also breathtaking aerobatic with Perkoz.

Special thanks to whole BB Aero Team, particularly Mr. Marian Fijołek, Roman Kata and Tomasz Twardochlib for their hospitality, engagement and professional management.
Keep going and fly safely!

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Three women together - is it a premise for AAIB investigation right now or a little bit later?
Małgosia Margańska (on the right) and Maja Mazurkiewicz (Kizinkiewicz) with her student in the cabin of SZD‑50-3 Puchacz

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Małgosia Margańska before her first auto‑tow in the cabin of amazingly restored Zlin Z‑24 Krajanek (like Grunau Baby)

Aviation Picnic at Bielsko-Biała Airfield

Heartily inviting all out Friends and gliding sympathizers to visit our booth during nearest Aviation Picnic - August 31st and September 1st. The event will take place at Bielsko‑Biała (EPBA) airfield.                           The static and in‑flight displays of our SZD‑54-2 "Perkoz" are to be planned.                                                    The weather forecast is promising, sun will nicely shine, so we will be happy to see you soon.

More information at: www.piknik


Serdecznie zapraszamy naszych Przyjaciół i wszystkich sympatyków szybowców na spotkanie podczas najbliższego Pikniku Lotniczego w Bielsku‑Białej.                                                                                             Impreza została zaplanowana na najbliższy weekend, tj. sobotę i niedzielę 31 sierpnia/ 1 września. Organizator przewidział,, prezentację SZD‑54-2 "Perkoza", zarówno na ziemi jak i w locie.

Więcej informacji na stronie

Do zobaczenia wkrótce!


SZD‑54-2 Perkoz in flight:

Summertime Impressions from Bezmiechowa

Short but challenging camp with Perkoz in Bezmiechowa Mountain Gliding School (managed by Rzeszow University of Technology), where we spent couple of days, flying with one of our demo gliders.
Breathtaking views from sailplane's deck while being above the cumulus clouds.
Great thermal conditions, unspoiled nature, San river, Solina lake...
And friendly people around.
That's even more you may expect, taking a break from busy days at work.
Welcome do Bieszczady!

Special thanks to Professor Sidney Dekker from Griffith University, Brisbane AU, for his presence. Till the next time, Sid!


Impressionen vom Allstar PZL Glider Stand auf der AERO, Friedrichshafen,       April 2019

Impressions from the Allstar PZL Glider booth at the AERO, Friedrichshafen,        April 2019

Test flight_02

Allstar‑e-motion war definitiv der Hit in Halle A1 auf der diesjährigen Aero in Friedrichshafen. Dieses von Allstar PZL Glider Sp.z o.o. selbst entwickelte elektrische Antriebssystem war integriert in einer SZD‑55-1 NEXUS als „Mock‑up" auf unserem Stand zu sehen und lockte unzählige Messebesucher an.

Allstar‑e-motion has definitely been the top hit in hall A1 of this year's AERO in Friedrichshafen. This proprietary electrical propulsion system designed by Allstar PZL Glider sp.z o.o. has been displayed being integrated into a mock‑up of a SZD‑55-1 NEXUS.


Dr.Ing. Elias Breunig war ständing von einer Menge Besucher umringt, die aufmerksam seine detaillierten technischen Erläuterungen zu diesem neuartigen elektrischen Antriebssystem und dessen Komponenten verfolgten und die viele Fragen dazu hatten.

Es sind jetz nicht nur die Eigentümer von SZD‑55-1 NEXUS gespannt auf die Ergebnisse der Flugerprobung, die im Juni dieses Jahres beginnen soll. Vielmehr zeigten sich auch viele Eigentümer anderer Muster begeistert von der IdeeTotal entspannt fliegen" mit dem elektrischen Allstar‑e-motion‑Systems als Sicherheitspaket an Bord ihres Segelflugzeugs.

Das System wird für die Nachrüstung von im Betrieb befindlichen SZD‑55-1 NEXUS verfügbar sein, ebenso wie in neuen Segelflugzeugen dieses Typs. Nach Erhalt der EASA‑Zertifizierung soll Allstar‑e-motion auch als Einbau-/Nachrüst‑Kit für andere geeignete Segelflugzeugmuster zur Verfügung gestellt werden.

Dr.Ing. Elias Breunig was permanently surrounded by crowd of people listening to his detailed technical explanations of the features of the system and its components.

Not only owners of SZD‑55-1 NEXUS are now keen for the results of the tests in flight which will start in June this year. But lots of visitors are also amazed by the idea of "Totally relaxed flying" having this electrical safety package on board of their glider.

The Allstar‑e-motion system will be available for retrofitting of SZD‑55-1 NEXUS in operation and as orginal equipment of New NEXUS' as well as a kit for other appropriate types of gliders.


SZD‑54-2 PERKOZ vergrößert weiter stetig sein Fan Group: Diesmal haben wir den PERKOZ mit der neu entwickelten Handsteuerug für das Seitenruder vorgestellt. Ein Buscher, der uns dem Stand im Rollstuhl aufsuchte, demonstrierte zum Erstaunen der umstehenden Messebesucher, wie geschickt er sich ohne fremde Hilfe aus seinem Rollstuhl über die sehr niedrige Kante des Cockpits aut den Vordersitz des PERKOZ setzen und wieder zurück in den Rollstuhl bewegen konnte. Auch die funktionelle Ausführung der Handsteuerung des Seitenruders fand seine Zustimmung.

SZD‑54-2 PERKOZ is continuously expending its fan group. This time it has been displayed with the newly developed installation to move the rudder by hand. A gentleman who visited our booth in his wheelchair demonstrated to quite astonished people around how easly he could move over the low edge of the cockpit (without help!) from his wheelchair into the front seat of the PERKOZ and back into the wheelchair. He confirmed the functionality of our design with regard to his personal handicap.


SZD‑59-1 ACRO der wandlungsfähige Einsitzerin 3 Versionen ist inder Community der Kunstflugpiloten als Wettbewerbsflugzeug in der „Advanced"- und „Unlimited" - Klasse wohlbekannt für seinen gelungenen MIX von Kunstflug - und Streckenflugeigenschaften. Viele Besitzer, die unseren Stand besuchen, bestätigten, dass sie deutlich häufiger übers Jahr fliegen, indem sie früh im Jahr mit Kunstflug beginnen und die Saison im Spätherbst beenden. Dazwischen wird hauptsächlich Streckenflug betrieben.

SZD‑59-1 ACRO the versatile three‑in-one single‑seater is already well known among the aerobatic pilots community for its best mix of aerobatic and glide performance. Many owners having visited our stand confirmed that they fly significantly more during the year by flying mainly aerobatic at the beginning of the year and at the end and cross‑country during the season.


Aero 2019

Kindly invite all our Friends, Customers and gliding enthusiasts to visit us during the Aero 2019 at  Friedrichshafen, Germany. Find our booth at the entry to Hall A1, especially dedicated for gliders and gliding - follow the SZD logo.

This time we come back with the most modern, multifunctional and more and more popular SZD‑54-2 "Perkoz" - the fully‑aerobatic doubleseater - "the dream for the clubs".
You may also see and check the improved ergonomy of SZD‑59-1 "Acro 2" - aerobatic singlesater with detachable wings tips (3 types!) - the only one such a product on the market.
The mock‑up of SZD‑55-2 "Nexus E‑motion" will guide you through the details of this interesting, super‑light but not fragile airframe - all together with its dedicated powerplant.
Some of the details with regard to the exhibition you may also find here:‑
See you soon!

Contacting Allstar PZL Glider

 With regard to infrastructure investments to be made by us and the Silesian Voivodeship (rebuilding of Cieszynska street), please be informed as all the stationary phones as specified on our website as well as in our publications are to be switched off and not available any longer.

Please contact us via e‑mail: and/or

Kindly apologize for all inconveniences.

Your Allstar Team

Workshops and Type Training for CAA Inspectors

In the beginning of March the group of 20 airworthiness inspectors from polish CAA (ULC) took part in the type training for SZD‑54-2 "Perkoz", conducted by Allstar PZL Glider. These 2 days of intensive lectures and related workshops were also a good opportunity for open discussion with regard to many of important safety issues, concerning maintenance, pre- and postflight inspectors and unscheduled service for sailplanes. The course, based on CAA approved Program, was based on ATA‑104 guidelines "General Familiarization" Level 1 (Basic Familiarization) with elements of Level 3 (Line and Base Maintenance).

Many thanks for all Inspectors for their engagement, interest and valuable feedback.

See you during annual inspections at fields!

ESGC UK has got their new baby

See the new Perkoz at Essex and Suffolk G.C., the club well known from being a Junior Gliding Centre.

Go for gliding to Wormingford Airfield, Anglia's Premier Gliding Centre, to see, check and test yourself in the air.

The newly built SZD‑54-2 with serial number #24, has been purchased via our european distributor - Aviontech GmbH in Hannover.

To all club‑mates from ESGC we wish a lot of fun and only happy landings!

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Test flight_02

Gliders go back to SZD!


For all our Customers, asking or waiting for spare parts for SZD‑48-3 "Jantar Std.3", SZD‑50-3 "Puchacz", SZD‑51-1 "Junior", for which Allstar PZL Glider remains the Type Certificate Holder, we would like to explain ourselves and inform you about possible delays with part's providing.

Also, the technical support may be reduced / delayed because of our designers engagement into new key' projects: front electric sustainer for SZD‑55 and long wing tips for SZD‑59.

To meet expectations of contracting parties for increasing amount of new SZD‑54-2 "Perkozes", SZD‑59-1 "Acros 2" as well as SZD‑55-1 (also with front electric sustainer), to raise quality and speed‑up the production, we have decided about Company's rearrangement.

So now, the gliders go back to SZD!

These significant changes, connected with moving of whole composites manufacturing from former subcontractor to SZD "motherland", are now taking place. The production is to be set‑up at Bielsko‑Biała Aleksandrowice airfield - like previously, beginning from 1946.

Keep your fingers crossed for this remarkable change! The official results we will publish soon,                     at Aero‑Expo 2019, Friedrichshafen.

                                                                                             Your Allstar PZL Glider Team

Service Bulletion BE-001 for SZD-54-2 “Perkoz”

Please find enclosed the new service bulletin for Perkoz. Please note, because
of flight safety issue, Allstar PZL Glider recognizes its compliance as
Read carefuly the instructions and proceed with part’s ordering if necessary.
The bulletin is to be found here: SB

EASA AD 2018-0237-E for SZD-54-2 Perkoz

Following EASA' announcement, we are republishing the Emergency Airworthiness Directive 2018‑0237-E with regard to flight safety for SZD‑54-2 "Perkoz".

The AD may be copied directly from here:

Emergency Airworthiness Directive

or found onto EASA website, after typing "SZD"‑0237-E

Please also note the info about connected Service Letter SIL‑003/SZD/2018, published by us in October 5th 2018:

See new Perkoz at Cherence, France

The Perkoz’s family is growing! The youngest one, number 23rd, has just made her maiden flight at EPBA airfield and in a few next days will be shipped to France. 

Her home will be Cherence airfield, located 50 km N‑W from Paris, in the valley of Seine river – that flows northward touching the field, and than into the English Channel. 

Beautiful landscape, nature and breathtaking views onto white rocks on the river’s side - so well known from the famous impressionists paintings.

Wishing to our French Friends only happy landings, we really hope to visit Cherence again.

Fly safely!

Test flight_02

S/N 23 - youngest Perkoz baby for Association Aéronautique du Val D'oise during tests

Test flight_01

After successful tests in flight (PIC Mariusz Stajewski & Michal Ombach)


Valley of Seine river seen from demo Perkoz in 2017


Our demonstrator over Cherence airfield in 2017