Aviation picnic at Bielsko-Biala airfield

As annually, we were participating in the aviation picnic at the Bielsko‑Biala airfield. This year, with special dedication because of one hundredth anniversary of polish aviation.

Thousands of people, spectacular show and… heavy thunderstorms, both Saturday and Sunday – this is the shortest description of weekend passed.

Yes, we also flew with our “long‑wings” Perkoz, may say - on the edge of coming storm.

One of visiting aircraft was no lucky and with too many rain drops on it is heavy wings hit into the bushes at the East fence of the field. Fortunately, no injured people at all, but this blue beauty may find it is place now only at Aviation Museum in Krakow.

The autumn is definitely coming, cross‑country season is gone, but no worries – waves will appear soon, so we hope to fly high.

Till the next!

Perkoz on aviation picnic at the Bielsko‑Biała

SZD‑54-2 Perkoz in flight:

Perkoz's display

RWD‑5 accident