Wave season is coming

The first days of stronger wind from the South have come. Can you imagine, the air masses are moving over the Europe even from Sahara desert?

Autumn has definitely begun, as there is no more place on the sky for cumulus clouds and connected thermal. Also, the yellow and orange leaves have started to fall down.

Yesterday, we were observing some rotor clouds rolling over Beskidy Mountains.

Flying high was possible…

As usually, our demo Perkoz is ready for take‑off, hopefully some tugs will be available.

The waves over Bielsko and surrounding areas may reach even 7.000 m above the airfield, so an oxygen is also on board.

SZD‑54-2 seems to be a dream for flying in rough air, because of its super strong airframe and high control’s effectivity. On high altitude, the fine flight characteristic (“flat” polar plot, glide ratio more than 40) allows to go easily upwind to look for undiscovered wave fields.