Gliders go back to SZD!


For all our Customers, asking or waiting for spare parts for SZD‑48-3 "Jantar Std.3", SZD‑50-3 "Puchacz", SZD‑51-1 "Junior", for which Allstar PZL Glider remains the Type Certificate Holder, we would like to explain ourselves and inform you about possible delays with part's providing.

Also, the technical support may be reduced / delayed because of our designers engagement into new key' projects: front electric sustainer for SZD‑55 and long wing tips for SZD‑59.

To meet expectations of contracting parties for increasing amount of new SZD‑54-2 "Perkozes", SZD‑59-1 "Acros 2" as well as SZD‑55-1 (also with front electric sustainer), to raise quality and speed‑up the production, we have decided about Company's rearrangement.

So now, the gliders go back to SZD!

These significant changes, connected with moving of whole composites manufacturing from former subcontractor to SZD "motherland", are now taking place. The production is to be set‑up at Bielsko‑Biała Aleksandrowice airfield - like previously, beginning from 1946.

Keep your fingers crossed for this remarkable change! The official results we will publish soon,                     at Aero‑Expo 2019, Friedrichshafen.

                                                                                             Your Allstar PZL Glider Team