Workshops and Type Training for CAA Inspectors

In the beginning of March the group of 20 airworthiness inspectors from polish CAA (ULC) took part in the type training for SZD‑54-2 "Perkoz", conducted by Allstar PZL Glider. These 2 days of intensive lectures and related workshops were also a good opportunity for open discussion with regard to many of important safety issues, concerning maintenance, pre- and postflight inspectors and unscheduled service for sailplanes. The course, based on CAA approved Program, was based on ATA‑104 guidelines "General Familiarization" Level 1 (Basic Familiarization) with elements of Level 3 (Line and Base Maintenance).

Many thanks for all Inspectors for their engagement, interest and valuable feedback.

See you during annual inspections at fields!