SZD-55-1 "New Generation" - The Maiden Flight Done!

The great day for all of us working for "SZD"- Allstar PZL Glider! December 20th 2019 and today's achievement is like a perfect Christmas gift.

After big efforts we have been taking since 1,5 year...

The first serial‑manufactured SZD‑55-1 "new generation" Nexus (Promyk) has been flown today! Stormy weather with several of rotors circling above the EBPA airfield, did not interfere to us at all. The glider, exceptionally well made, with highest care and quality, is safe, flies super nice and light. Very soon, the modernized version of "55" will be available for our Customers.

This is the next important milestone since we decided to go for our own manufacturing. At the same place where 20‑30-40‑50 years ago the biggest manufacturing gliding factory in the world was located. Only to notice, that the previous sailplane was made here... 20 years ago, shortly before the former SZD went to the bankruptcy.

The goal we have achieved today would not be possible with special, unbelievable engagement of all our people we have on board - designers, plant planners, ground engineers...

My special thanks and best regards I would like to circulate to Senior Designer, Project Manager and co‑Author of "55", Mr. Stanisław Oskwarek.

Stasiu, bez Twojej pasji, serca i wsparcia, nigdy byśmy tego nie osiągnęli!

However, would be necessary to mention many of other family names, the SZD‑People without whom, the nowadays position of Allstar could not be possible.

Anyway, we are back, we go forward with our new motivated staff, our new, nice facilities and freshly gained resources.

To all our Friends, Customers and Sympathizers we wish Merry, Merry Christmas and so many white cumulus clouds during the coming year - as you are even able to imagine.

Fly safely!

Michał Ombach





           Stanisław Oskwarek and his new "55"