Technical Support Rules

Dear SZD Customers,

Due to the growing number of technical inquires concerning SZD gliders for which the Allstar PZL Glider remains the owner of the Type Certificate, we introduce payment for technical support. These services will be charged at the rate of 35 EUR per each hour of work of our specialists prepaid to Allstar bank account.

Support includes:

  • Clarifying technical issues related to the safe operation, inspection, maintenance, repair, and maintenance of physical airworthiness of gliders;
  • Correcting or coordinating the creation of simple airworthiness documents (programs, additions to the instructions, etc.);
  • Support for the implementation of individual service bulletins, development of additional instructions, programs, drawings and sketches, then sent to the customer via email;
  • Verification of glider documentation;
  • Other activities not listed above requiring the engagement of our specialist.

We set the rate of 1 hour for each inquiry. If extension of the time and thus higher fee is necessary, we would prior notice the Customer of such need.

Please send your inquires to or via online form.