Home Away From Home

Please be informed, as the next SZD‑54-2 "Perkoz" has just found his new home at North Hill, Devon & Somerset Gliding Club in UK / www.dsgc.co.uk

This exclusive version (3 types of wing tips!) will be flown in all aspects of training as well as advanced gliding (cross‑country, etc.).
We hope, it will allow to DSGC Club' members to develop their skills in "harder"  aerobatic as well.

The Perkoz in Devon is the third one in UK. You may admire also this spectacular beauty birds at Gransden Lodge, Cambride G.C. and at Saltby, Buckminster G.C.

The next one will come soon to Abone, Scotland, the place well known from its exceptional wave conditions.
But this is not the end, next Perkozes have been ordered to UK!

Several of Perkozes are flying worldwide.
In Europe: Poland (5), Germany (4), France (1), Romania (1), UK (3).
Out of the continent - in Canada (3), Colombia (2) and soon - in Japan.

We wish our friends from Devon & Somerset G.C. lot of fun and unforgettable impressions.
Fly safely!

(On the picture - our tour via UK in 2017, North Hill airfield from the air)