**SZD-48-3 Jantar Std. 3

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SZD‑48-3, a flagship for SZD, recognized around the world high‑performance standard class sailplane, designed for competition and record‑breaking flights. Because of its performance, flight characteristics and extreme durability it is still a valued sailplane. 

Ergonomic and comfortable, even for tall pilots. Wide, one‑piece canopy, provides great visibility during the flight. 150 liters of water ballast, in strong thermal conditions, changes the Jantar into a racer.

Aerodynamic and aesthetic winglets, designed specifically for the Jantar Std. 3 (approved STC), improve glider’s performance as well as its already very good behaviour while circling.

The improved version of Jantar Std. 3 is SZD‑59 Acro – a high performance, fully aerobatic modern composite glider. Also in our range.

Design life: 6.000 hours

Factory warranty: 24 months

NOTE: Glider produced only on special request.



Ask about this glider: office@szd.com.pl