**SZD-50-3 Puchacz

Please note that SZD‑50-3 Puchacz is no longer produced. We will continue to provide technical support and spare parts.

If you are interested in the versatile two‑seater glider we recommend SZD‑54-2 Perkoz.

World's best value in a two‑place aerobatic sailplane

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The SZD‑50-3 PUCHACZ is a two‑place training and aerobatics sailplane designed primarily for clubs and soaring schools. The PUCHACZ features beautifully finished fiberglass construction, a quiet and comfortable tandem cockpit, and exceptional handling qualities. This combination of characteristics has established the PUCHACZ as one of the world's favorite two‑place sailplanes.

The PUCHACZ meets both OSTIV and JAR‑22 Utility Category certification requirements... plus, it is approved for extended aerobatics including inverted flight and rolling manoeuvres. It is solidly built of fiberglass epoxy composite and protected by durable polyurethane.

It is among the easiest two‑place sailplanes to assemble. A single pin secures the wings in place. Rigging the tail plane is even easier, with a spring‑loaded locking pin automatically securing the assembly. Connection of all flight controls is fully automatic.

The spacious cockpit has adjustable front rudder pedals and an adjustable rear seat to accommodate pilots of all sizes in comfort. The one piece side‑opening canopy provides outstanding visibility for both pilots. The front instruments are arranged so that they can be easily seen from the rear seat; however, a rear instruments panel is also available as an option. But the real secret to the PUCHACZ popularity is its excellent handling qualities, both on the ground and in flight. Flight instructors and experienced pilots often describe the Puchacz as the nicest flying two‑place sailplane they've ever flown. Fly it once - we think you'll agree!

Design life: 11.000 hours

Actually approved operating time: 6.750 hours

Factory warranty: 24 months




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