New simplified maintenance rules for SZD-51-1 Junior, life-limit doubled

As the Type Certificate Holder for SZD‑51-1 Junior we would like to inform the users about the possiblity to transition to a simplified maintenance of all SZD‑51-1 Juniors. Also, we inform about the possibility of extending life‑limit for all the Juniors which have reached 6.000 FH. The new life‑limit is 12.000 FH.


The simplified maintenance system involves replacing the current duties of scheduled inspections like  50-, 100-, 200 Flight Hours as well as “before and after the season” with an annual inspection and/or after every 300 FH only. This solution will significantly reduce operating costs and keep the glider in continuing airworthiness throughout the whole season.

Another advantage of the simplified system is the extension of the intervals between the main scheduled checks. In place of the existing checks after each 1.000 FH, the checks performed every 1.500 FH were introduced.

However, we would like to remind to the pilots, as the simplified maintenance system dos not allow to omit precisely made daily pre- and post‑flight inspections, as this is the main duty of the pilot‑owner. All findings, also during the flight (like overspeeding, overloading etc.) must be obligatory reported to the maintenance, and than - before the next take‑off  - removed and approved by the approved staff.

Please note, however, that the simplified system does not relieve the pilots/users of careful check of the glider before and after the flight (flights) and obligatory reporting to the approved maintenance staff any special cases in flight (exceeding usage conditions like overspeeding, overloading etc.) and damages caused on the ground.

The rules of unscheduled inspections (ie. after a hard landing) remain unchanged.

Details are described in the service bulletin BE‑013/51‑1/2016 available at the Allstar PZL Glider (contact through at a price of 360 EUR net. With the service bulletin, you will receive a new issue of Flight Manual and Maintenance Manual.

Gliders, which have not reached 6.000 FH may still be operated and maintained in accordance with the existing rules (see Index of Service Publications).

Technical Support Rules

Dear SZD Customers,

Due to the growing number of technical inquires concerning SZD gliders for which the Allstar PZL Glider remains the owner of the Type Certificate, we introduce payment for technical support. These services will be charged at the rate of 35 EUR per each hour of work of our specialists prepaid to Allstar bank account.

Support includes:

  • Clarifying technical issues related to the safe operation, inspection, maintenance, repair, and maintenance of physical airworthiness of gliders;
  • Correcting or coordinating the creation of simple airworthiness documents (programs, additions to the instructions, etc.);
  • Support for the implementation of individual service bulletins, development of additional instructions, programs, drawings and sketches, then sent to the customer via email;
  • Verification of glider documentation;
  • Other activities not listed above requiring the engagement of our specialist.

We set the rate of 1 hour for each inquiry. If extension of the time and thus higher fee is necessary, we would prior notice the Customer of such need.

Please send your inquires to or via online form.

AD for SZD-50-3 Puchacz sailplanes

Following the information from 08/01/2014, we kindly inform about new EASA airworthiness directive AD 2014‑0015 for SZD‑50-3 Puchacz sailplanes. The AD concerns the conditions of inspection of airbrake torque tube in the fuselage. The effective date is January 28, 2014. The AD is available at‑0015.

PAD No.: 13-182 - Notification of the proposal to issue an airworthines directive for SZD-50-3 "Puchacz"

Please be informed that the European Aviation Safety Agency has just announced the proposal of airworthiness directive for SZD‑50-3 "Puchacz" sailplane under PAD No.: 13‑182.

This AD will concern the inspection of torque tube in air brake control system in the fuselage. All the details of the inspection mentioned are available in the service bulletin BE‑062/SZD‑50-3/2013 „PUCHACZ”.

Service Information Letter

Responding to requests from users of our gliders, we publish the Service Information Letter on the recommended maintenance practices for aileron's and elevator's pushrods of SZD gliders. The SIL‑001/SZD/2012 is based on BE‑043/92 "Jantar" service bulletin issued in 1992 and precisely defines the schedule of pushrod's inspections.